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Q: How do I resize or move my image?

A: Press the “Move” button


Q: My devices will not connect

A: Go to your phone’s Settings > Scroll down to Mural Maker > Turn on Local Network


Q: The stream is very delayed, how do I fix this?

A: The camera stream should have very little noticeable delay. If the stream is delayed this is because of a slow connection. With newer devices this should not be an issue as they are able to connect to each other directly at a high speed, however with older devices this may be a problem if you do not have a fast enough wifi router.

Here are a few things to try that should help:

  1. Connect to the same wifi network
  2. Connect to the same personal wifi hotspot
  3. Reduce the resolution on the streaming device

Unfortunately, in some cases a slow connection may be unavoidable. For example if you have two older iOS devices and a slow wifi router. This is why we offer a free trail of the Mural Maker for you to determine if the app will work for you. If you have tried all of the steps above and it is still slow we recommend canceling, or not starting a subscription with the app.




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