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Digital Tools for Non-Digital Artists

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Da Vinci Eye:
AR Art Projector

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Mural Maker by
Da Vinci Eye

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Da Vinci Eye:
AR Art Projector

Creativity Through a New Lens

Using Augmented Reality, everyday artists use Da Vinci Eye’s apps as an alternative to a traditional art projector, tracing paper, or using a grid system. By virtually projecting any image to any surface, artists can scale and stylize their artwork while maintaining accurate proportions at all times.

SketchAR Alternative for Drawing on Apple and Android

Mural Maker App

LARGE Artwork Without Grids

Paint the perfect mural every time without the hours-long prep work it takes just creating grids

Virtually Project Any Image Indoors AND Outdoors

Unlike a traditional Art Projector, you don’t have to be concerned about the sun. Connect your devices to your hotspot and take your project outdoors!

Compare Colors and Shades

Use Da Vinci Eye’s Strobe tool to compare color values to create hyper-realistic artwork on any surface!


Product Recommendations that will Make your Drawing Experience Even Better!

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Phone Stand with Clamp

Watercolor Brush Set

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