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Strobe Tool Tutorial

To start off with, we’re going to use an image with a lot of shadows in it.

Art Projector App Video Tutorial

We’re going to magnify an image a little bit for this tutorial.

Art Projector App Tutorial

Using Da Vinci Eye, it’s really easy to put lines down on your paper that match where things should be in your drawing. But if you’ve ever tried to shade your drawing or use it to reference where shadow should go, that becomes a lot more difficult.You end up not being able to tell the difference between what’s the reference image and what you’ve shaded. You also can’t tell how dark or light you shaded something in, in comparison to their references.

To fix this, we use the Strobe tool. The strobe tool fades the image in an out, and this lets you see the difference in the shadows.

The goal when you are drawing in this mode is to try and get what you are drawing to look indistinguishable from the reference picture. So when the image fades in and out, you should stop being able to see a difference.

You can use the speed slider to make the image fade slower, or you can make it fade faster, whatever works the best for you.

And that is how to use the strobe feature to make realistic drawings with Da Vinci Eye!

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Strobe Tutorial Video:

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