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How to Draw a Turkey

Hey guys! My name is Sean and I’m an artist-instructor with Da Vinci Eye. Today, we’re going to learn how to draw a turkey!

I’ll be drawing this on my tablet for you to easily see, but feel free to use a pencil and paper. You can also follow along with this tutorial step-by-step using Da Vinci Eye App for iOS and Android. The app lets you trace along with my drawing to help become more comfortable and understand exactly what I do.

Let’s start this drawing out with three circles to help us shape out the body, the tail feathers and the smaller circle head.

Drawing lessons with iOS app

Now we connect the head with the body and also sketch out the giant wing.

How to draw a turkey with da vinci eye app Da Vinci Eye App for iOS and Android Drawing Lesson

Our Turkey is looking fantastic! So let’s take these basic shapes and give them more form.

Easy bird drawing tutorial

I’m going to work on the tail feathers here. Notice that I start from the bottom and move them out like sun rays. We want them to follow the curve of the turkey’s body…

Step by step drawing lesson

Turkey drawing lesson

Lets add a rounded face and let’s not  forget the waddle… (That’s that red thing that hangs off its face)

Tutorial on how to draw a turkey

We can start giving our turkey some personality and life. I’m also going to go ahead and put in some environment with a shadow underneath.

Use app to learn how to trace turkey

To ground it a bit more, you’ll see that I’m adding in some fall pumpkins to decorate the space. Feel free to put in some leaves or even another Turkey as a friend!

Fun and easy turkey drawing for kids

Lastly, is shading and detail. I’ve added some feather patterning, and cross hatched a lot of shading.

Learn to draw quickly

Because the Turkey is covered in feathers, the sketch-like effect really helps build texture rather than smoothing out everything.

Sketch of turkey for thanksgiving 2020

And as always, don’t forget to sign your art! You did an awesome job. 🙂

If you want to find more of my artwork, follow me on Instagram at @Phoenix.Animations. Be sure to check out the Da Vinci Eye app, as well as subscribe here for more tutorials.

You can also watch the tutorial on how to draw a turkey below. Have a great day, and we’ll see you next time!

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