Q: How do I draw my own photos?

A: Press “Draw Now” on the top of the Home or Saved screen.

Q: Is this app a subscription?

A: No, this app is not a subscription. You are only charged one time when you download the app, you never have to pay for anything in the app ever again. Additionally, being that there is no subscription there is also nothing to cancel.

Q: If it’s not a subscription why did I get a receipt from Apple two weeks after I purchased it?

A: Apple can take up to two weeks to send you your original receipt. We know it is super confusing… but we promise you were only charged one time.

Q: How do I contact someone? 

A: We are super responsive to emails. Please send an email to Info@DaVinciEyeApp.com, use the email button in the app, or fill out the contact form on the bottom of this page.

Signing In

Q: Why am I seeing an Update Required screen?

A: We may release an update that requires you to update the app. This could be an important bug fix or a new feature that will cause an old version to crash.

Q: My app is updated and I still see the Update Required screen

A: There are a few reasons this could happen.

– TLDR; if you uninstall the app and reinstall it should be fixed.

The most common reason is the app could be caching data from the previous version causing the app to think its still the old version.

Q: Why do I have to sign in?

A: Before answering that question, we want to make it super clear we do not want any of your personal information nor do you have to give it either! If you choose to use Sign in with Apple it gives us a proxy email and logs you in completely anonymously. Also, you can just use a fake email if you do not want to sign in with Apple and do not want to provide your actual email. See below Q for more information on that.

The two main reasons for signing in are customer support and troubleshooting issues for users. If you are having a problem we can help figure out what is wrong by looking at your account. Also if there is an issue we want to be able to let you know. We have never, and do not plan on sending you marketing emails of any kind.

We also have you sign in because it helps us keep the app secure. There are so many new and awesome features in the app, including social features that you can choose to take part in or not. With that, we needed to beef up security as well. The sign-in is to protect your information.

Lastly, we are looking to add a suite of new apps that you will be able to share your data across! This means that you can start a project in one app and then easily transfer it to another.

If you are really not into signing in you can also just turn on airplane mode and open the app. This gives you the stripped-down version of the app that does not connect to our server.

Q: I don’t want to sign in AKA I don’t want you to have my email

A: If you use the sign in with Apple feature you can completely anonymize the login process. It’s very cool and does not expose your email to the app unless you want it to. Check out this article about all about Sign in With Apple and its great privacy features. Also… a note about this. We have been told that some people don’t use Sign in with Apple because it asks for two-factor identification. We highly recommend using two-factor but if it’s too much of a hassle for you, it is a setting you can disable not a requirement.

The other option is just to use a fake email. Our primary use for your email is customer support and troubleshooting. If there is an issue with the app or your account we want to get in contact with you to let you know.

Reporting offensive, abusive, or copyrighted content

Q: How do I report a person or a picture that should not be in the app?

A: There are 3 dots in a circle next to the follow button on a person’s profile. There are also 3 dots in a circle next to the heart on every image. Press those 3 dots and then press report.


Offline Mode

Q: Why am I in offline mode? What does that mean?

A: The number one reason for offline mode is that you are behind a firewall, you do not have connection to the internet, or you live in a country where our servers don’t work. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you cannot take advantage of things like lessons, or the social features in the app. However, you are still able to use all of the drawing features, AR mode, Classic Mode, timelapse recordings, etc.

Inspiration Pictures

Q: What is an inspiration picture?

A: An inspiration picture is a picture uploaded by someone in the app that other users can draw.

Q: How do I find inspiration pictures?

A: Go to the feed tab, located at the bottom right corner of your screen. At the top of the feed tab you can switch between viewing drawings and user-submitted inspiration. Press the camera icon on the image then press draw now.

Q: How do I add my own inspiration pictures for artists to draw?

A: Go to your profile page and press the add button in the top left corner. You can then choose to upload an inspiration picture or a drawing.

Q: How does my inspiration picture become selected as Today’s Inspiration on the home page?

A: We randomly select inspiration pictures we think would be fun to draw.

Q: How do I add a picture I drew of an inspiration picture to its page?

A: Go to your saved tab, find the drawing that you drew, then press inspiration. On that page you will see a button that says add your drawing.


Q: How do I draw my own photo?

A: Press “Draw Now” on the top of the Home or Saved screen.

Q: How do I save my project to work on later?

A: Every drawing you start is automatically saved, just go to the saved tab when you first open the app to resume an old drawing.

Q: How do delete saved projects?

A: In the saved drawing tab swipe your project to the left to reveal the delete button

Q: Are recordings saved? 

A: Recordings are now saved! You can export them as many times as you want. You can also view them now from the saved tab.

Q: What is AR Mode?

A: AR stands for Augmented Reality. Your phone will anchor the image you want to draw to an object in the real world. This means that you can move your phone around and you don’t have to worry that your drawing will be messed up. As long as you anchor is in the same place you can instantly resume drawing or paintings without having to place your image back in the same spot.

Q: What devices work with AR mode?

A: Because AR mode uses a ton of processing power it doesn’t work on all devices. If we enabled it for devices like the iPhone 7 we would have all 1 star reviews! Here is a list of devices we know it works well on:

– iPhone 8 and newer
– iPad Mini 5th Generation and newer
– Ipad Air 2019 and newer
– iPad Pro 3rd Gen (Any pro made after 2018) and newer

Q: How do I Add, Edit, or Delete an Anchor?

A: When you are in AR mode press Tools > AR > Anchors. This screen lets you add, edit, or delete anchors.

Q: What is Classic Mode?

A: Classic mode does the same thing as AR mode but you have to keep your phone in place. If you move your phone on purpose or by accident you have to reposition your image back on top of where you were drawing. This can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your situation.

Q: When should I use AR Mode vs. Classic Mode?

A: There are really great use cases for both situations

  • Classic Mode: Tracing an image onto a cupcake, cookie, cake, etc..
  • AR Mode: Painting or drawing on an easel

Q: Where is Step By Step Mode?

A: It is still there! It is one of our favorite features. Now when you start a drawing press tools, then breakdown, then turn on the breakdown switch and it brings you back to the old step by step mode screen.

Still have questions? Please send us an email we would be glad to help!